NIGERIA: Why We Must Talk! – A no-holds-barred compendium by Henry Omoregie

Nigeria: Why We Must Talk

The average Nigerian is endowed with dogged, never-say-die, ”it-won’t-happen-to-me”, ”I-will-make-it” attributes.
Lord Frederick Lugard should be shocked (in his grave) to see us still together after 99 straight years of one year, one trouble.He advised the British authorities then, about the near futility of an amalgam he described as mixing oil and water.  In Lugard’s own words: ”the north and south are like oil and water – they cannot mix”.
Now this is going to be a long chronicle of anecdotal records that I will leave to the readers for critical analyses.

The first 50 years (1914-1964):

1. Chief Richard Akinjide (SAN), a member of the Tafawa Balewa and Shagari governments – and as such, privy to intelligence reports and sensitive records – had this to say:

“In 1898, Lugard formed the West African Frontier Force initially with 2,000 soldiers, about 90 percent of them were from the North mainly from…

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