Advantages of the impending restructuring of Nigeria – Dan Ogbegie

The Federal Executive Council, FEC, yesterday set the stage for the restructuring of the country by approving immediate and full implementation of the recommendations contained in the 2014 National Conference Report. Highlights of the report
*Delisting of the 774 local governments from the Constitution, turning Nigeria into a two-tier federation;

*Introduction of regional governments; abolition of State Independent Electoral Commissions, SIECs;

lState police;

*Creation of 18 additional states;

*Three years guaranteed tenure for local governments;

*Mayoral status for Abuja;

*Removal of immunity for president and governors.

Others are:

*Five per cent of Consolidated Revenue Fund to be used for exploration of solid minerals;

*Each state to have its constitution;

*Conclusion of all electoral petitions before the inauguration of elective office holders;

*Diaspora voting;

*Federal and state governments to stop sponsorship of pilgrims;

*Legislators to lose seats on defection from political parties on whose platform they won election;

*Retention of minimum of 13% as derivation proceeds and Onshore/Offshore dichotomy abolished in the interpretation of oil revenue.

A vote for buhari is a vote for retrogression.
What we need more than anything is to build institutions. We don’t need a strong man!

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