APC: The rise of Nigeria’s Muslim Brotherhood? – BOW Group

Exposing and Defeating Boko Haram
Why the West must unite to help Nigeria defeat terrorism

 Boko Haram operates as al-Qaeda’s representative in Nigeria and
must be challenged on a domestic, regional and international level
 The US government’s delay in designating Boko Haram a Foreign
Terrorist Organisation (FTO) initially hampered international
attempts to combat the terror group’s overseas financial
transactions—there have been over 3,000 deaths this year alone in
Nigeria and Cameroon
 The US State Department should clarify the standards used to make
the terror designation and explain why Boko Haram did not receive
the label under the leadership of former Secretary of State and
Presidential hopeful, Hilary Clinton, despite traceable evidence
linking Boko Haram to Osama bin Laden
 There are concerns in the international community and Nigeria that
the U.S. Democratic Party or its advisers may be associating
themselves with northern Nigerian politicians who are reportedly
connected to Boko Haram in the lead up to the 2015 Presidential
 Any political pact between US officials and the APC carries risks – the
US should adopt a neutral approach to the Nigerian elections and
political landscape

READ MORE: http://www.bowgroup.org/sites/bowgroup.uat.pleasetest.co.uk/files/Jacob%20Zenn%20Bow%20Group%20Report%20for%2022.7.14.pdf

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