It is no news that foreign radio broadcasts are done only in Hausa language apart from English, about Nigeria.

In 2011. IG of Police, Hafiz Ringim, narrowly missed death when the Police Headquarters was bombed, in an apparent attempted assassination.

The following account preceded the attack :

Riots Engineered By Groups -IGP; BBC Orchestrated Violence – Adamawa Govt

By THEWILL. – 18 April, 2011

SAN FRANCISCO, April 18, (THEWILL) – The Inspector General of Police, Alhaji Hafiz Ringim has blamed the riots and violence razing parts of Northern Nigeria in the aftermath of the Presidential election on groups and persons that have refused to accept defeat in the election.

Ringim also said the violence is neither ethnic nor religiously-motivated, vowing to apprehend the perpetrators.

A statement from Ringim Monday said: “The spate of violence is being engineered by persons who failed to accept the results of the last election.

“The security agencies are in the process of identifying and arresting the perpetrators behind this mindless mischief across the country.”


The BBC Hausa Service has been blamed for the riots and confusion in Adamawa State following its alleged broadcast that CPC presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari had won the election in Adamawa State when the electoral commission in the state was still collating results.

The Special Adviser to the Adamawa State Governor Aminu Iyawa told journalists that the BBC broadcast was orchestrated to cause mischief and chaos. He said violence erupted after the electoral commission announced Goodluck Jonathan of the PDP as winner in the state.

Reports from our correspondent in Adamawa say the state government has imposed a 24-hour curfew in the state after riots broke out in various parts.

Several buildings and cars belonging to mostly Igbo traders were destroyed in Yola by youths on Sunday who also barricaded roads and razed the Jonathan campaign office there.

So far, 3 persons have been killed, while police say they have arrested about 50 persons carrying arms and jerry cans of petrol.

THEWILL correspondent also reports that violence has spread to Michika and Mubi, the commercial hub of the state.

Weeks later, Ringim missed death by whiskers.


Summary. 11. VOA Hausa is “An American-funded Voice of Anti-Americans” -Tim Graham in “World” magazine.

(12) “Many qualified Christian Hausa applicants were rejected by the then moslem head of VOA Hausa because they were not moslems in a pro-moslem, anti-Christian hiring policy” – American Weekly Standard.

(13). Plateau House passed a Resolutions condemning one-sided, biased reporting of Hausa BBC, VOA, DW, RFI.

(14) . RFI Hausa comments (15/4/14, 5-6pm)- “If Jonathan resigns, Boko haram will be brought to an end”.

(150. Monday, 20/2/12, 2pm, DW report virtually clamped down on Christians in a conflict which Hausa-Fulani began in Southern Kaduna.

(16). Fri, 24/2/12, 7am, Wase attacked CDS Petinrin on RFI Hausa for describing Boko Haram as terrorists wth Al Qaeda links.

(17). Tue, 17/4/12, DW Hausa, 2.43pm, read a letter that called for coup against the Christian Jonathan “as Sanogo did in Mali”, etc, etc.

Compiled by Rifkatu R. R Ad

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