As someone who is CEO of a digital ICT service provider as well as a research, report and management consultancy company, I know the power of Knowledge based economies and the role of digital technologies in fostering information and process integrity in social, financial, engineering and just about any system. As a way of automating the electoral system to an extent it is commendable.

At a point after the 2011 elections in which I contested for Senate FCT as the Change Advocacy Party candidate I called for and promoted the National All Parties initiative for Electronic Voting in a proposal I wrote to the President, So I know all the merits. My grouse and opposition is to a PVC-only voting in 2015 in an undemocratic atmosphere where 23 million duly registered Nigerians would be prevented unconstitutionally against the spirit of our electoral act from exercising their rights to vote despite INEC and the Senate’s misleading assertions that it is constitutional to do so, INEC had four years to produce and distribute the PVC and woefully failed despite being well funded. Jega must have placed PVC budget in fixed deposit accounts to yield billions for him and should be probed.

2. Also, despite the widespread rejection of the skewed increase in number of polling booths and INEC’s (Jega)’s assurance to honour the wishes of Nigerians, Jega’s INEC has increased polling booths in Nigeria from 120,000 to 152,031 by the backdoor as his Assistant’s public statement exposes while telling us about pvc distribution status they sneaked in the illegal or illegitimate increase of booths. (See punch of 22nd February 2015).

Please INEC must be called to order to give us an explanation and Prof Jega should resign for this fraud.


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