Shocking! Buhari and OBJ tenure more Corrupt Than GEJ Tenure – TI

According to Transparency International data from 1979 till date, Both General Buhari and Former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s tenure were more corrupt than President Goodluck Jonathan;s tenure.

Corruption under GEJ BUHARI OBJ

The data also showed that GEJ period has the best corruption perception index since 1979. This is in complete contrast to what the opposition including Obasanjo, has been saying in the media about corruption during the last 5 years,

Shockingly, according to the TI data, Obasanjo’s first tenure had the worst corruption during the 35 year period.

Here is a graph showing the corruption perception index for the 35 year period

Corruption GRAPH

The TI corruption perception index is a rating of countries from 1 to 100 showing their corruption scale. A rating of 1 is the worst and and rating of 100 means a country is completely free of corruption. 50 is the pass mark and any country below 50 is considered a corrupt country.

Download full PDF here:

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